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National Business Finance CenterWe are committed to helping you get the most funding possible from the various programs you qualify for.

Let us show you how and where to apply for Government grants and loans that are available to Canadian businesses!Every day that passes more grant funding and financial assistance, tax credits, and services are being given to Canadian businesses to help jump-start Canada’s economy!


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The National Business Finance Centre provides assistance to small and medium businesses in Canada. We provide information on various  Government grants, loans, subsidies and financing programs.

Are you looking to:

  • Start  a new business or expand your existing business to the next level?
  • Hire employees to better serve your clients?
  • Purchase real estate for your business?
  • Train your staff to be more efficient and knowledgable?
  • Invest in capital expenditures or engage in some research or development?

Do you lack the funds to pursue these endeavours?

You may be eligible for government grant and loan funding to help your business grow and succeed.

Many of these programs provide funding to assist BUSINESSES LIKE YOURS!

National Business Finance CenterTrained agents are standing by, ready to provide you the information that you need to move your business to the next stage of success.

Our staff is committed to matching you with the programs that will provide you with the funding you are entitled to.

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